June 13, 2005

Nothando Dube Mania!

For reasons that remain inexplicable, thousands of people have visited iSteve today via Google searches for "Nothando Dube," a ninth-grader who recently became the 12th bride of the King of Swaziland. Why?

I must say though that King Mswata III could give Phil Spector a run for his money in the 'fro department.

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Anonymous said...

Why should people worry about matters that does not concern them.King Mswati111 fell inlove with the 16 yr beauty Queen,which is why he took her as his wife.She was not forced in marriage like most of you believe she was,i believe she too fell inlove with the handsome King of the Land of Swaziland.They now have 2 adorable children and living happily....so what is with the hustle?

Anonymous said...

All these ill stories about the King Mswati 111 are false,i strongly believe they are fabricated by people who are desperate for things to do.King Mswati 111 is a great King,who has a good interest of his Swazi Nation.Why should people make an issue about the King taking Nothando as his wife?What does age has got to do with matters of the heart?King Mswati 111 does not not force anyone to marriage,if anything he is forced into marrying these girls who are after wealth and status take Phindile Nkambule Mswati 13th who was campagning to become Mswati 111 bride.