February 17, 2009

Texas billionaire Sir Allen Stanford charged in $8 billion fraud

Why did he settle for just "Sir Allen Stanford"? Were "Lord Alec Harvard" and "Prince Alexander Princeton" already taken?

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Freddie Flintoff said...

This is very big news in the cricket world.

Lord Marland, who last week failed in his bid to usurp Clarke as ECB chairman, wasted no time in commenting. "I think the unseemly side of [Stanford] arriving by helicopter at Lord's then flanked by Clarke and his chief executive Mr Collier showing a perspex box filled with millions of dollars will haunt English cricket for a very long time."

sj071 said...

Achhh, an ordinary Stanford...second best.

nsam said...

Sir Stanford in happier times:


Mark said...

This "Texas" billionaire bears a knighthood, which means he is no longer an American citizen. For tax purposes? But surely you jest...

Obama buddy George Soros IS an American citizen, but his Quantum Fund is not. Utah Democratic moneybags Ian Cumming, the head of Leucadia National, decamped to Wyoming to avoid paying Utah taxes, then moved Leucadia to the Caribbean to avoid US taxes.

Thus, a syllogism:

A) Paying taxes is patriotic (Biden?)
B) Democrats don't pay taxes (given)
C) Thus, Republicans are un-patriotic (Nancy Pelosi and others).

Mark said...

This just in: "Accused fraudster gave big to Dems."

Hahahahahaha. So this story will die a rapid death, no?

Remember Enron and Ken Lay and Bernie Ebbers and how they were all the GOP's fault, though they all caused far less damage than these schmoes? Why aren't the names and political affiliations of these felons in lights? Why aren't they household names?

Mark said...

Of course Stanford's largesse was not entirely committed to Democrats. HuffPo mentions some of his Republican friends: DeLay, Armey, Gramm - the latter 2, at least, are now and have been two of the most ardent supporters of open borders on the GOP.

It's funny how support for the financial practices that got us into this current mess seem to go hand-in-hand with support for open borders. Just a coincidence, or a sign that such politicians have either been completely bought out or brainwashed by the Big CoC?

Stanford, btw, is, like Madoff, yet another shyster whose dubious practices were suspected well prior to the Bush Administration.

Anonymous said...

Cricketeering should be banned from planet Gaia.

Anonymous said...

Company for Bernie.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone verify that his real last name is Stanford?

Anonymous said...

Antigua gives out knighthoods? I'm too lazy to check, but does a royal family rule that little speck?
-- Victoria

Mark said...

Antigua is British Commonwealth, so a citizen can receive a knighthood from Elizabeth II.

David Davenport said...

... British Commonwealth, so a citizen can receive a knighthood from Elizabeth II.

How much do they cost?

David Davenport said...

From The Times
February 19, 2009

Hunt for Allen Stanford and his billions

... The scale of his influence was becoming clear. He donated funds to President Obama’s election campaign and sponsored the annual charity polo day at Sandhurst, hosted by the Prince of Wales. ... ( Sandhurst is the British equivalent of West Point. )